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Postpartum Support

christian postpartum doula Edmonton

The postpartum period, also lovingly called the “Fourth Trimester” is a time marked by so many emotions and experiences. Whether you have just given birth to your first, or fifth child, the postpartum period is often filled with questions and complexities that you might not have anticipated. Traditionally in many cultures around the world, new mothers and their partners, were surrounded by family and community members, nourished with healthy meals and offered support with caring for their newborn, including support with breastfeeding. After you have a baby, you may need or want to process the myriad of emotions from your birth experience, motherhood and parenthood. We understand that pregnancy, birth and postpartum are sacred chapters in your life, and that is why we are thrilled to be able to support you holistically throughout these chapters– from those joyous first moments of a double solid line on a home pregnancy test, throughout pregnancy, during your labour, birth and finally, the postpartum time.

The Offerings 


  • Emotional support: active listening, encouragement

  • Help with time for rest and self-care

  • Infant care instruction: feeding, sleep, development

  • Grocery shopping or errands

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • Meal and snack preparation and planning

  • Light housework: laundry, dishes, sweeping, tidying

  • Care and play for older siblings

  • Sourcing and providing evidence-based information

  • Community resource referrals and connections

Daytime visits are 3-6 hours long, and take place between 8 am and 8 pm.


$30/hr + gst


  • Talking about your day and going over any challenges you

  • or questions you might have

  • Caring for baby while you sleep - including soothing,

  • burping and changing

  • Bringing the baby to you to breastfeed or preparing bottles

  • Soothing baby and helping establish healthy sleep habits

  • Folding laundry or meal prep while baby sleeps

  • Researching any resources you have requested

  • Preparing breakfast or snacks for the next day

Overnight visits are 6-8 hours long, and take place between 8 pm and 8 am.


$35/hr + gst

Don’t see what you need?
Ask us about how we can customize a plan specifically for your needs!

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The Process


Complimentary Consultation

Let's get together to discuss your pregnancy so far, your thoughts, worries, and goals for your

postpartum period, and how doula support works. This is a great time to get to know each

other to see if we're a good fit!


Select Your Support Hours

Take a look through your information package and decide how many support hours would best suit your needs. Your completed contract and deposit are required in order to confirm

your services with me.



Our Prenatal Visits

We will have 1 prenatal meeting, either virtually or in-person. We'll use this time to talk about your

postpartum goals, support network, and practical planning. We’ll delve into what’s most

important to you during your postpartum recovery and develop a plan around that.

Your Support Begins

Once the paperwork is taken care of, your support begins! Get in touch with me whenever you'd like to give me an update. I'll get in touch with you every so often to check in, too!


Postpartum Support

I arrive as soon as possible upon the request of

support beginning. We can debrief your birth,

discuss any current struggles or questions you

may have. Then I’ll focus on support tasks we

discussed prenatally for the duration of my shift.

I will check-in with you regarding your physical

and emotional health frequently and provide

advice or assistance, as requested. Most of all, I

am a safe space for you and any emotions you

may bring.


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