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Sara | Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Wife, Mom & Animal Lover

Born and raised in Florida, my childhood is mostly memories of hurricane parties and being outside! I can’t tell you about the best rides at Disney, but I can show you the best place to see an ocean sunset or experience the most amazing live jazz on a hot summer night (complete with an ice-cold sweet tea, of course)!

After completing my 2-year undergrad degree at the local community college, I enrolled at Florida State University with a double major in Psychology and Criminology. It was at FSU that I met my now husband, while he was in law school. I was one semester short of completing my degree, when tragedy struck my life with the loss of my best friend’s father. This loss disrupted the path I had set out on and led me to re-evaluate what I was working towards. So, I did what felt was right for me and dropped out of university.

I began a job at PetSmart where I worked until my husband

graduated. Little did I know this is where a new career path would begin. When he graduated, we packed up our lives with our two dogs and moved to Edmonton. I enrolled at NAIT as a Veterinary Medical Assistant and have been working at the Edmonton Humane Society for the past 7 years!

My love for serving my community has grown immensely in this role, but as life would have it, the birth of my two daughters shifted my trajectory, again. Instead of serving people and their pets, I’m now devoted to serving moms and their growing families.

I consider it a great honour and joy to do the work that I do. I’m privileged to be invited into your story. This is such a transformative time and I cannot wait to create a safe and positive space for you as you welcome your baby.

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"We are the only species of mammal that doubts our ability to give birth."

- Ina May Gaskin

Sara was beyond phenomenal. She wasn't just our Doula, she became our friend/family. She was so helpful, supportive and wonderful, and encouraged me when I felt scared. She was the reason I was able to overcome some mental blockages both during pregnancy, labour/birth and has helped me navigate early postpartum life and has offered tips and tricks to be able to be a good parent. She cares so much for her clients.

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